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Your love is warmer than the warmest sunshine
Saturday, July 12, 2008 @ 6:27 PM

OMGYAY im eating KFC's twisted toasterrrrr
My sister doesnt have.
Serves her right.
Anyway, went to school for amaths today then went to TPJC's open house.

Mmyea, mouth full. Shall edit some other time. =D



Yeap so as i was saying, woke up bloddy early on a saturday for amaths which i think wasn't productive at all.
Something was lacking in the atmosphere i guess.
heck, i'll struggle on my own.

And he freaking gave me a shock yesterday; i was eating the soggy nachos when he suddenly banged the board. What the hell, need he get so engrossed in explaining maths? =.=

Went to TPJC;
First group to target us was this Outdoor Activities thingy.
Omg. Alina was so cute.
Guy: Come see our outdoor *smth smth i dno what* then take picture with us!
Another OA person: *adds on some stuff*
Alina: OK! later. *walks away*
HAHA ok fine maybe not funny to you but funny to dewaine and I. =D

Went to hall, watched performances, and psst, the modern dancers said "sit back, relax and be wowed".
Honestly, I wasn't wowed. Sorry.
OH YEA and i thought this guy was stalking us. HAHA I got my grounds for saying that. I kept seeing him; like at the stairs from the first block, all the way to the hall. Coincidence, maybe. But he looked to suspicious. Like he was tryna seem inconspicuous but yet due to his size [i'm trying to say he's fat lah] and yea. LOL not like he did anything anyway.

And i got another major shock when walking through the corridor.
I was walking, looking to the left, when dewaine suddenly shouted CONSTANCE! DOOR!
That, was shock #1.

Then i turned to face front, and saw this door swinging to almost an inch from my face
so i instinctively stopped.
That, of course, was shock #2.

Saw softball and such CCAs, then i saw this PET bottle rocket thingy. I remembered we once did that in school, and mine freaking flew out of school. Onto the road, i think. Too powerful already.

Tennis, saw Su-An. Lol, she was friends with my sis since pri school, and i was friends with SuJan since pri school too. So she recognised me and this other girl also said "You're Fiona's sister, right?"
I don't know her. So how did she know my sister? How did she know i was my sister's sister? o__0

Shooting club, dewaine said this girl held the gun for so long already but then never saw her shoot at all.
So she said that girl was NATO [no action, talk only]
But that wasn't right; she didnt even say anything anyway.
So i said Not NATO. It's NAPO. [no action, pose only]
No, this isn't supposed to be funny, in case you were wondering.

Theatre Studies; not interested. I don't intend to continue Drama.

We were gonna leave, then the ODAC ppl started bugging us again. They said we could take a pic with them.
We had to say dno how many times that we were going already. Geez.
LOL BUT I THINK I WANNA JOIN.[it's a pre-interest]

Anyway, desiree and angelyn left while the rest of us went to TM.
Bought bubble tea, and omg, within a minute finished the whole thing already. Guess we really were that thirsty.
Ate Pasta Mania. We were seriously making 'optimal use of resources'. <---as quoted from geog lesson, but in different context. As in we were literally pouring the cheese/pepper/ chilli on our pasta. =]

TOYS R'US was so cool. Got the small small balls. Eh no, i dont get why people tend to think wrong. I mean the basketball, soccer ball that kinda ball. Took a few pics with alina and dewaine. Shall wait for vanessa to send me. =D

Oh yea, im officially broke. Once again.

Walked a bit more, then went home feeling damn shagged. Even though the day was still young. Like...probably late lunchtime. Haha, the day started off too early for me, i guess.

GAH gotta go sleep. =]
Almost 11.